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With almost 20 years' experience, Kerry Salmond has been running Pilates classes based on matwork throughout Fife since 2001.

Core Strength & General Movement

Kerry qualified through the Pilates Foundation UK which is well respected and renowned for its high standards and comprehensive approach.

Pilates matwork is a fantastic way to improve posture, core strength/mobility and enhance general wellbeing.

Passionate about health and fitness, Kerry helps clients with their core strength and general movement. She has also helped numerous clients break the cycle of chronic pain and stiffness to regain a better range of movement within their everyday lives.

Having trained and worked as a professional dancer and personal fitness trainer, Kerry has a wealth of experience that enriches and compliments her Pilates classes, she believes that each body is different and therefore has different needs. What works for one doesn't always work for another. At Fife Pilates her aim is to help every client as an individual, empowering them to reach their true potential.

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  • K Aren McCormick 14 June 2018

    "I started Pilates in January on the recommendation of a Physio due to a back problem, and luckily managed to get a space in Kerry's Beginners class.
    Kerry has an understanding of specific back problems, knows which positions have to be avoided depending on your issue, and when appropriate gives people alternative exercises to do. Because I also have problems with my knees I do struggle with some things, but Kerry is very good at offering suggestions to take account of this.
    Although it is a class environment, you do get individual attention and instruction from Kerry, something I don't think you would necessarily always get in a run of the mill Pilates class elsewhere.
    Since attending Kerry's classes, I definitely feel an improvement in my posture and strength. I did Yoga for years, but I feel that for back problems Pilates is far better, especially when taught by an instructor like Kerry."

  • Lorraine Ross 8 February 2017

    "When I first started doing Pilates with Kerry over 12 years ago I was in a lot of pain. I was only 34 but I felt a lot older! The classes have made a massive difference to the quality of my life. Kerry is an amazing teacher who recognises individual needs and adapts her teaching accordingly. My 19 year old daughter has recently joined me in class and is already enjoying the benefits. Pilates is for everyone and it's now even more enjoyable in the new purpose built Pilates studio."

  • Elinor Hay 4 July 2016

    "Love Kerry's Pilates classes! Look forward to them every week and really feel the benefit of them. She is a great teacher who makes sure we carry out each technique safely, I really miss her class when something comes up to prevent me attending!"

  • Maggie Reid 15 May 2016

    "Been going to Kerry's class for 3 years and she is one awesome teacher. She is constantly watching and correcting any faults you may have made... making sure you are getting the most from her instructions. Thanks Kerry."

  • Pamela Anne 15 May 2016

    "Have been taking Kerry's pilates classes for almost a year now. Initially 1 beginner class per week and now 2 intermediate classes per week. I look forward to class every time and feel better for it every time and though it's not been easy or instant my long term sore back is feeling as good as it has in 10 years.
    These classes give you the personalised delivery from Kerry that you wouldn't necessarily get in every class, she knows each person's abilities and tricky spots and can offer little bits of advice and adaptations for individuals (which makes all the difference).
    The new studio is also looking fabulous and a lovely space to come to after a log day at work!
    Highly recommended."

  • Claire Line 15 May 2016

    "Really enjoy the classes, I have suffered for years with a sore back due to a nasty car accident. I have been in pain killers for about 10 years and tried various types of pain relief. The beginners class has helped my movement so much that I am no longer sore and off all my pain killers. This isn't just for people who have suffered with RTA's but every day life. Classes are always well structured and you leave feeling that little bit lighter. Take some time for yourself and enjoy. Would highly recommend!"

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